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Daily 5th Place?! THANKS!

2014-08-17 00:24:34 by joliet-jane

HOOOOLLLYY SHIT!!!! My Clockday movie made daily 5th place?!    :-O

Wow, thanks everybody! :-D  Getting a portal trophy is still unthinkably awesome. like a gift  ♥ ♥ ♥



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2014-08-17 06:19:51

it actually reminds me of other projects


2014-08-18 12:44:32

It was a great vid!


2015-08-19 09:41:09

Hey, in your defense, it IS a pretty good moovy.

Have you SEEN the portal lately?

joliet-jane responds:



2015-08-23 13:36:45

It was no gift, you earned that Portal trophy! The only kinda live-action videos/games permitted on NG, are videos about NG, and you did really well producing, filming, directing and starring in it!

Was this your first time talking to Tom? I've been to 3 Pico Days so far, and I still get nervous around him

joliet-jane responds:

Thanks :3