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Daily 4th Place?!

2013-08-17 03:08:54 by joliet-jane

WHOOOOAAAA WTF, I have a 4th place award! Thanks a lot to everyone who voted on and viewed my Clock Day flash! I didn't think it would win anything. Wow, thanks!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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2013-08-17 04:20:44

Congrats :)


2013-08-17 12:59:53

Finally! Glad NewGrounds is recka-nizing.


2013-08-17 13:19:43

We're getting old O_o and the kids are getting more ignorant! That's why I asked Tom to make up some cards we could pass out, instead of explaining WTF Newgrounds is, just give 'em a card!

Still looking for any old games or consoles? I gotta move soon, and I'd like to give them a new home :(